IPMS365 is Large E-commerce Platform

Innovative Practice Management Solutions (IPMS 360) LLC, is a US-based organization having its collaborations with many leading business organizations across the globe to provide better products and services to our valued customers more effectively and efficiently. An organization where the sun never set; thanks to our winning team comprising of highly qualified, experienced, skilled & professional co-workers performing their jobs 24/7/365 non-stop. We understand that change is constant and is inevitable, therefore IPMS team is always ready to face the ever-increasing global challenges and to find their solutions effectively.

We don’t only “SELL”, rather we focus more on “Customer Satisfaction”.

IPMS365 Team

Our team possesses ample experience in working with many leading international brands and their winning products.  IPMS enjoys established credibility and trust of suppliers as well as customers. IPMS team specializes in selling products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and particularly in USA, UK, and Europe markets.

Our Vision

To become a global platform of e-commerce thereby connecting suppliers directly to their potential customers more effectively and efficiently.

Our Mission

To take advantage of already established global e-commerce platforms serving the customers thereby reaching out to customers and providing them quality products and services in the most cost-effective way.

Top Markets

IPMS focuses more on big markets like the USA, UK, and Europe. As per our growth strategy, IPMS plans to move forward in near future to explore more markets e.g., the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, etc.

Top Brands

IPMS list of top brands in various categories is ever increasing. IPMS teams specialize in working with many leading international brands e.g Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Apple, Dell, Royal Canin, NIKE, Adidas, Under-Armor, Puma, Reebok, Gray-Nicolls, CA, MRF, GM, New Balance, IKEA, Fisher-price, Lego, etc.

Goal Statement

  • To make IPMS a leading e-commerce platform where customer satisfaction is a “Top Priority”.
  • To become “The No.1 People-Centered E-Commerce Organization” in the world.
  • To keep everyone happy i.e., all stakeholders of IPMS; suppliers, distributors, brands, and last but not the least, above all “The Customers”.
  • In order to reduce lead time, develop an effective and efficient supply chain management system.
  • To have an unbiased & robust “Performance-based Reward System” for employees of IPMS.
  • To develop entrepreneurs in our incubators thereby creating more employment opportunities for our youth, particularly women.
  • Empowering women in developing countries and facilitating them to work from home and contribute more to their families.